Not one, not two, but three hot new songs have hit the airwaves on Z-107.3, including a midnight surpise from a huge pop star!

Shawn Mendes has dropped his explosive new song out into the world. The Canadian singers power ballad "Wonder" was out early Friday morning, along with a video that features Mendes standing atop a speeding train, interpretive dancing in a forest and drenched by crashing waves. “Wonder” is the title track from his upcoming fourth album, which is due out on December 4th!

"Kings & Queens" is the follow up single from singer Ava Max, her song "Sweet, But Psycho" and is the fifth single from her debut album "Heaven & Hell"

Miley Cyrus is back with a very retro, almost disco sounding new single called "Midnight Sky". The track was nominated as the MTV Video Music Awards “Best Song of The Summer of 2020” It’s the lead single from her upcoming seventh studio album "She Is Miley Cyrus".

Miley recently explained the origin of the song

You just definitely want to feel like you are just in control of your own life and not trying to control anyone else's, so for me to be able to really have a good, clear understanding of the last two years, which there was some traumatic experiences – losing the house in Malibu and going through a really public breakup – I think I just really needed some clarity. And so it was just really important to me to be able to like really sit with my thoughts.

Just hours before it was released, reports surfaced that the singer and Cody Simpson had split.

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