A caravan of bucket trucks headed through Bangor Wednesday, traveling from Canada to the Carolinas for hurricane relief.

I was sitting at a restaurant on Hogan Road when I noticed several electrical utility trucks, also known as "cherry pickers" heading toward the interstate. It seemed odd to see so many all together, and it set off my news instincts, wondering what construction project was going on that would warrant so many trucks.

It never even occurred to me that they weren't Maine utility trucks or that they were headed south, to help with relief efforts. But WABI-TV reported this morning that the trucks belong to E and E Power Company from New Brunswick, who made a stop in Bangor on their way to the Carolinas to aid in the restoration of power once Hurricane Florence knocks it out.

E and E Power Company is sending 40 bucket trucks, 8 diggers, and much more equipment to the area, joining crews from around the country who are heading to the southeast, in preparation for what's to come.

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