While Billie Eilish explodes on the charts and heads off on another tour, she recently made time to stop by the set of The Ellen Show to play a bit of a prank on her super fan, Melissa McCarthy. McCarthy was on set promoting her new movie, The Hustle.

McCarthy, who admittedly love the rising pop star and has a personal connection to her (Eilish's mom was apparently the actress's first Improv teacher!) was featured in a doctored (by Ellen's folks) video of the Billie Eilish hit, 'Bad Guys'. As they were speculating about whether Eilish would like it or had seen it, out popped Billie from a box next to Ellen, and scared the daylights out of McCarthy and her co-stars.

Also terrifying (at least to me) Eilish's nails! Woah! But it was very cool to see McCarthy's reaction, and to know that Billie would take the time out to have fun with her famous fan!

Check it out.


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