Hi. My name is Cori and I'm an Action Movie addict.

Seriously. They're kind of my jam.

I will take car chases, karate and explosions over a Romantic Comedy any day of the week! And while tooling about in rabbit holes online this past week, I came across three movies I've added to my must see list for this summer/fall.

I can't wait!

They're all 3 sequels or spin-offs of wildly popular established action classics, which could go either way. But based on these trailers, I think they look promising.

The first one takes two of the best parts of the last few Fast & Furious movies, and sends them in a different direction, but hopefully one that has just as many ridiculously impossible stunts and fights!

Due out August 2nd, Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw puts once enemies Luke Hobbs (The Rock) and Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham-who's fight scenes I could watch all day!) in the same camp and has them fight the bad guy, Idris Elba-a genetically engineered super soldier (referred to in the clip as the Black Superman) together. In true F&F style, they seem to have put our heroes in plenty of "physics defying" situations, with lots of flash, punches and even a new element of Polynesian Hakka fights (a nod to The Rock's roots--which I am totally psyched for!) The last couple of Fast & Furious movies have not disappointed, and with these two skilled action stars, who also happen to be great at delivering the goods when it comes to comedy, I am very much looking forward to this one.

Sign me up!

The second movie on my list is Rambo: Last Blood. Stallone has proven that against the odds, and time, he can still put out some great action movies. His newer Rocky sequels have been doing well, so one would hope he won't have too much of a problem with this final installment of Rambo (although we'll have to see how he does here physically, as unlike the Rocky flicks, he will be the one doing the fighting and not a newer generation.) The trailer includes a cool version of Lil Nas X and Billy Rae Cyrus' "Old Town Road", which is pretty neat, in my opinion. And it looks like it will have a pretty high body count, thanks to some classic homemade Rambo weaponry. Lionsgate has Rambo: Last Blood coming out September 20th.

Last, but certainly not least, is one of my all-time favorite action/sci-fy franchises, Terminator. Paramount will release the newest in the series, Terminator: Dark Fate November 1st. In the trailer we see some new faces, and familiar foes. But the thing I am most excited about is that James Cameron has teamed back up with one of my most-beloved female action stars  (and his ex), Linda Hamilton, to reprise one of the coolest (in my opinion) female mama-bear characters--Sarah Conner. And she's packin' some major heat in this one!

I've watched the trailer at least 2 dozen times now, and I'm still getting chills when they pan up to her with that massive gun! It's also cool that they seem to have brought Arnie's character back. They both look to have aged quite a bit--but none-the-less, they're appearance in this movie is bound to hit the heart-strings of those loyal to the original two movies.

So there you have it. And now you now where I'll be come opening day for each of those movies!

What other action movies should I put on my list?!

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