As someone who grew up immersed in the world of Jim Henson's making, I tend to cringe when I hear of anyone trying to touch his classics. And while there have been rumors of prequels and sequels to the iconic 80's duo of Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal for years, none seemed to ever materialize...that is until this week, when Netflix dropped the teaser trailer for Dark Crystal; The Age Of Resistance.

It. Looks. Amazing!

And I say this as a die-hard Henson snob of sorts. Set to release as a 10 part series on Netflix August 30th, it seems that the creators and writers of the  show (including Henson's own daughter, Lisa) have taken great care to keep true to the integrity and feeling original 1982 film. From what I can tell, while some of the effects have been smoothed out with CGI work, it doesn't have that over-animated, over-produced look about it that many "updates" can have.They still have a muppet vibe. The Gelflings still look like Gelflings. The Skeksis still resemble their disturbing vulture-like selves. The worlds they both occupy, however, look a little crisper and more stunning.

Adding to the beautiful images, are the voice talents the like of Simon Peg, Helena Bonham Carter and Mark Hamill, to name a few. So we know they've taken great care in how the show will look and sound. Fingers crossed that the writing passes muster and we can have a decent, and long awaited addition to the Henson family of films.

Those, like myself, who hold Henson's original movies in high regard, will be waiting to see how this new Dark Crystal; Age of Resistance pans out. With the announcement last fall that there's a Labyrinth 2 in the works, I'm wondering if this series is a bit of a taste of what's to come for that project, as Lisa Henson also has a producer credit on that one.

This trailer gives me hope.

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