Here's some great news for people who are tired for shelling out way too much money for cable television every month - some Maine lawmakers are trying to fix what many people believe are unfair practices that cable companies have been using for years.

According to Maine Public, the Maine House has approved a measure that would require cable companies to off customers a-la-carte channel choices. In other words, the ability to choose only the channels you want, and not be forced to have the ones you don't. This would likely save Mainers a ton of money.

If you've ever shopped for cable television, you know the drill. You pay way more than you want to, for way more channels than you'll ever watch. And unfortunately, there's no way around it. The channels are bundled into packages, so your choices are very limited.

I cut the cord from cable about four years ago. When I moved to Maine, I never got cable, and have managed to live without it since. By my calculations, I've saved myself over $3,000 in doing so! Netflix and Hulu have more than enough content to keep me happy. The only time I get the itch for cable is during baseball season, when I want to watch the Red Sox. But I refuse to pay for a whole cable package just for that.

But things may change soon. The bill passed by a good amount, 94 to 45. Next, it goes to the Senate, where they'll decide whether or not to push it forward to become law.

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