If you are in need of something that will make you feel like everything is going to be alright with all that going on in today’s world, here you go.

In an effort to teach his four-year-old son life skills, Steve Sobel didn’t just talk the talk, he’s walking the walk.

Or plowing driveways.

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Whatever it takes to be a better citizen and teach "paying it forward."

Scott Miller
Scott Miller

He has formed a non-profit organization called Be Better. The charity is dedicated to supporting children and families in challenging living situations by providing clothing, supplies and services.

And like any non-profit attempting to do good things for those less fortunate, it takes money.

That’s where Be Better is different. Steven is doing random acts of kindness to get the word out about what he is attempting to do with his non-profit.

For example, he has without expectation of being paid plowed out people’s driveways that couldn’t do so for themselves.  And not necessarily expecting money from them to put towards the purpose of what he’s attempting to do. Assist children in less than ideal situations

Some make donations. Some don’t.

Some who hear about what he’s been doing make donations.  And sure some don’t.

It’s all good. Here's how to get in touch with Steven. Facebook page is BeBetter. Email is BeBetter207@gmail.com

Scott Miller
Scott Miller

The founder of Be Better, and all-around nice guy, Steven Sobel joined us on the Q106.5 Morning Show this morning.  ICYMI, here you, go for inspiration, give it a listen.

Thanks for doing good things for all. Without questions.

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