This isn’t exactly a masterclass on acting here, but you will certainly get a good chuckle out of it.

Social media has become another great tool to get the word out about many things. We use it here 24/7, and now everyone is doing it, including some places that you wouldn’t expect. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and the wildly popular TikTok, are all fun ways to reach your intended audience, to not only promote themselves but in some cases, have a really good time doing it.

Local Bangor Area Business Goes To TikTok

The gang at Bangor Tire Company likes to get very silly in the clips they create to go viral. Even better, two of the guys who work there, are pretty familiar to those of us that have spent the majority of our lives here in the area, so it is no great surprise to see these hijinx.

The Folks of the Bangor Tire Company TikTok Page

Former Bangor Police Department Lt. Paul Edwards, who gave up his badge back in 2015, and a guy that I grew up with, Scott Sutherland, are two of the stars of these wacky videos. Scott in particular was always one of the funniest guys during my school days, so I am not surprised that he is willing to take a comedic fall or act like a fool. And as for Paul, he has a wicked sense of humor himself. I remember that he was more than happy to “pretend" to arrest me during one of our Free The Z Turkey drives.

Great job guys, we love the creativity! Check out their TikTok page.

Check Out Some of Their TikToks

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