Kudos to the driver for not freaking out!

Caribou Bog Cross-Country skiers, posted a video to their Facebook page on Monday, of an interesting situation that held up traffic for a bit over the weekend.

A moose was in the middle of the road, and to say the least, it was curious. In the clip, it can be seen wandering right up to a vehicle and eating a little snow off the hood of their car. Amazingly, the driver doesn’t seem bothered at all, but since we live in a world where everything has to be captured with our phones, fear seems to have gone right out the window. But in fairness, the moose was very docile, so it was probably a good time to take a little footage of this rare occurrence.

Caribou Bog Cross Country skiers is a group for the discussion of grooming and trail conditions, relevant to cross-country skiing on the CBCC trails accessible from Taylor Rd in Orono.

Moose can be seen throughout the state, but their population is greatest in the western lakes and mountains, Kennebec Valley, The Maine Highlands, and Aroostook County. The best times to spot them are at dusk and dawn from mid-May through July and again in the fall during their breeding season, so it was a rare occurrence to see this in February.

Most moose are found in Canada, Alaska, and New England, and Maine has the biggest population of the lower 48 states. Their mating season in the autumn features energetic fights between males competing for a female.

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