Do you remember the first time you tried Moxie?

I sure do. I don't think I was more than 4 or 5 years old. My grandfather let me try a sip of his, and I immediately started crying. I couldn't believe my beloved grandfather would try and poison me like that. But, as I got older, I grew a taste for it. It's one of those things that truly is a tiny bit revolting but in the best possible ways.

I sincerely mean that. Moxie is an acquired taste, as we all know, but it's also one that you can't live without after a while. Once it's got its hooks into you, you're a fan for life. I always thought it was an added bonus that almost nobody ever wanted a sip. Until you ran into another Moxie drinker, and then you had to protect it with your life.

It's been a red hot minute since we've had a Moxie Festival.

Thanks to the pandemic, the festival has been canceled the last couple years, but it's making its glorious return this year, according to their website. It's going to be held July 8th - 10th in Lisbon. And of course, there will be a wide array of cool events going on all weekend to celebrate Maine's most iconic soda.

There will be fireworks, a Moxie car show, even a Moxie 5k road race. It all kicks off with the fireworks on Friday night, and activities will go on all weekend. And of course, people will be drinking as much Moxie as they feel they can hold. And really, that's the real point, right?

Who knows if any of the supply chain issues will have an impact by then. There's chit-chat all over social media about Moxie being hard to come by in stores. A few years ago, Moxie was sold to a larger company, and production became a pretty low priority. Hopefully, that will change by July. But still... The festival is back, and we're all pumped!


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