One city official is looking into it!

Years ago solar power installations were pricey and paid for themselves after years and years of use. Now that price is dropping, and municipalities seeing savings in solar. Bangor city councilor Josh Plourde has reached out to Maine based, ReVision Energy.

Plourde wants to see Bangor's municipal buildings off the grid. The first solar projects on the table are the Union Street Athletic Complex and Sawyer Arena. ReVision assessed them as the best candidates for solar installations. Both buildings feature large, slightly pitched roofs that are better angled for catching the sun. Other buildings in Bangor would require extra equipment to angle the solar panels.

ReVision wants to equip Sawyer Arena with 190-kilowatt array, and a 110-kilowatt set-up on Union Street Athletics. The rough estimate for Sawyer Arena is $570,000-$617,500, while Union Street Athletics would cost $330,000-$357,500.

Nothing about the project is set in stone. The city is just looking into the idea for now.