The old Bangor fire station on Griffin Road is being repurposed.

Monday night the Bangor City Council approved the sale of the building for $225,000. The building will need also about $24,000 in renovations. Because the Penobscot Theatre Company is a nonprofit organization they're exempt of paying taxes on the building. Instead they will make an annual payment to the city beginning in 2016 equal to 50% of the property taxes that would be assessed on the location.

Previously, the Penobscot Theatre Company rented space for set storage and construction.

The building will get new life as a storage facility for the Theatre Company. The space is large enough to construct the hand-made sets, as well as store them along with their massive collection of costumes. Moving the inventory of costumes will also free up much needed space in the Bangor Opera House.

The building will also provide living space for production apprentices who travel from all over the country to Bangor to work for the theater.

Money from the sale of the building with go to the Bangor Fire Department’s Fire Equipment Replacement Fund. The old fire station closed in 2009.