Here's a wacky city code for you.
At a planning board meeting last night, city councilors are looking to amend a wacky city code. According to Bangor's Land Development Code, taverns, bars and lounges are an okay use of space. Missing from that list, restaurants! That's right, technically restaurants are not allowed in downtown Bangor.

Of course city councilors know this is simply an oversight. The code was amended back in 2000, however its unclear how long it hasn't been updated.

City councilors are considering an amendment that would redefine Bangor's definition of restaurants, bars, taverns and lounges. The corrections will put Bangor on par with state definitions. They will also add restaurants to the list of acceptable uses of space.

The changes will not effect the way restaurants currently operate, or what they can or can't do. It will simply clear up on-paper confusion and contradictions.

The amendment goes to the planning board on May 20th.