Now that spring has sprung, keep an eye peeled for our friends on motorcycles!

With a whopping 332,000 Facebook followers, the Bangor Police Department uses this impressive number to get some pretty important messages to the public, but the twist is, they usually do it with a healthy dose of humor. That is one of the many reasons their page has become famouse all over the United States and beyond!

There is a very lage population of motorcycle riders here in the state of Maine, and now that things are warming up, it is essential as a driver out on the roads, that we pay attetnion to this, so everyone can stay safe. That means giving extra thought to your surroundings when you are out and about. Since we are all sharing the roads together, it is helpful to be alert at all times.

As always, fans of the Bangor Police Department Facebook page weighed in with some thoughts of their own:

Donna Jean Morey
Hoping Maine DOT will soon fix roads that are full of ruts and potholes. Such a concern for motorcyclists. Very dangerous if their tires get caught in them!

Julia VanDerburgh Bell
Thank you for this. I have a sweet friend who was killed on his motorcycle in Westbrook 3-4 years ago. Please watch out for them!

Deanna Hessert
I always watch for motorcycles but they don’t always abide by the rules and have come close to hitting some! Everyone, cars, trucks, etc as well as motorcycles need to know we are all sharing the lanes! Be mindful! Enjoy riding all! Those days are behind me!

Justin Hughes
Thanks for the reminder. There are even some people who ride motorcycles year round. I do, but I moved out of Maine to do it.

Kathy Post
Another reason to be vigilant about motorcycles and bicycles on the road - there is still a lot of sand in the roads now. Those who ride on two wheels have less control than those who ride on four wheels. Drive safely and defensively!

Eileen Hamblin
Thanks for the reminder to do what we’re supposed to do anyway. Hibernation causes forgetfulness.

Sarah Cardetti
Thank you for reminding people to look twice. Everyone needs to be alert and careful. Some of my best friends ride and so do I. We know you don’t always see us so we are asking people to be extra vigilant.

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