Forecasters from Colorado State University Department of Atmospheric Science's Tropical Meteorology Project are predicting another strong hurricane season this year for the United States.

2017 brought dangerous storms to the United States, notably Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria.  CNN reported earlier this year that the 2017 hurricane season was the costliest in year ever for climate and weather disasters in the United States, estimating costs around $306 billion.

It is reported that there will be an unusually high amount of hurricanes but, overall, less predicted to form than last years.

They are predicting a total of 14 named storms breaking it down to seven hurricanes and three major storms.  A major storm is considered a Category 3 or higher.

Hurricane season for the Atlantic typically runs from June through November.

According to, the study uses combinations of historical data to predict the season's outcome :

The CSU outlook is based more than 30 years of statistical predictors, combined with seasons exhibiting similar features of sea-level pressure and sea-surface temperatures in the Atlantic and eastern Pacific Oceans.


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