Accuweather has put out their forecast for the 2020 allergy season and it's coming sooner and going to last longer than you think.

It is predicted that the East Coast of the United States is going to see Above Average to Severe allergy season.  This is being predicted due to the forecast of above-normal rainfall and close to average temperatures in the area is perfect for super pollen production.

The culprit, in particular, is tree pollen.  Then, weed pollen will take over and persist into the fall.

Meanwhile, the Western US areas are looking at normal to below average allergy conditions for this year.

Avoid peak allergy times between 5 AM and 10 AM and at dusk.

Accuweather is also predicting a later spring start in the Northeast, around late March, which we'll start seeing tree pollens.  later in spring, typically in May, we'll be introduced to grass pollen.  Later in the summer we see weed pollen then in late August we see ragweed pollen.

Good luck to you and maybe start taking those OTC meds sooner rather than later.

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