Pay attention on the roads, you never know who may be watching!

Maine driving can be a very stressful and anxiety-filled experience, especially during the winter months. I will never forget driving home from work one day on I-395 from Brewer to Bangor. I was doing about 60 mph when a giant truck flew by me, and the driver didn't bother to clean the ice and snow off of their vehicle, so sheets of it came flying at my windshield, and it basically whitewashed me. I drove the following 3 or 4 seconds terrified, but, hey, I made it out alive. Although those few seconds felt like a lifetime!

Well, if you have ever experienced something like this, there is a place you can go to see all sorts of bad driving choices from people all over the state of Maine.

Maine's Idiot Spotters is a group of 20,000 members on Facebook that is endlessly entertaining.

On a daily basis, people upload pictures of awful parking jobs that they spot while about and about. And let me tell you, there is plenty to look at.

And thanks to the invention of the dashboard camera in vehicles, many a bad decision by motorists has been captured for everyone in the group to see. Whether it be speeding, blowing through red lights, or stop signs, passing cars in a single lane, or making the choice to pull an ill-advised U-Turn, this page has it all.

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