It's been so cold that there are times when just getting yourself out of the car can be a voyage within itself.  But there are a few items that you need to take with you to get it out of this bitter cold we've been experiencing. has come up with a list of eight items to not leave in your car during subzero weather that you should be aware of.  We narrowed it down to five.  Are you guilty of leaving any of these in your car recently?

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    Most of us consider this an extension of our hands but don't leave this in the car if you can help it.  The Lithium-ion batteries have difficulties operating at sub-zero temperatures.  This also goes for your tablets.

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    Beer and Soda

    Really this goes for any canned beverage and could include seltzer water or energy drinks.  It's simply the matter of physics- water expands when it is frozen and can burst the can open.  Same idea as your pipes freezing in your home.

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    Musicial Instruments

    Freezing changes materials such as wood or metal so leaving that banjo in the trunk of your car could lead to warping and detuning.  Especially sensitive would be wooden instruments such as violins and guitars.

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    I don't know if I've ever left an egg or carton of eggs in my car but there could be someone out there that chooses to leave them in the car for whatever reason.  Freezing an egg will change the consistency of the liquids underneath the shell making it difficult to cook.

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    Be careful with your liquid medications, such as insulin.  When your suspended medications freeze the medications effectiveness is compromised and the medication actually breaks down.  Even if you thaw the medication, the potency of the medication will make it ineffective.

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