Lighthouses, roads, inns and graveyards. All across the State of Maine, people claim they've seen ghosts, heard voices or witnessed something so extraordinary and inexplicable it could only be supernatural.

No matter how deep in the woods these stories emerge from or if a beautiful house overlooks the vast Atlantic Ocean, each haunting shows the possibility of what could exist anywhere.

Some of the legends include lost love, a lost childhood, sickness and tragedy.  All stories make you reflect on the life that has existed in Maine well before yourself and what kind of lives they may had led in the same place that you both share.

Most of the locations on the list share a little about what has been claimed as paranormal happenings for these locations, which can include seeing apparitions, hearing strange noises or maybe even spookier experiences involving unexplained conditions of vehicles, shaking beds or flying dishes.

A lot of these stories seem to include people who existed centuries ago, including ship builders, captains, wives of captains. But there are a few of these stories that include people who may not have existed too far from our very own timeline here in history.

These locations are scattered throughout the State of Maine and a place close to you in the state can be found no matter where you are located.

Check out the mega list of '30 Haunted Places of Maine' and let us know if there should be some extras you know of that we should add to the list.

31 Haunted Places of Maine

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