Looks like a haunted Bangor area location will be featured on a Travel Channel paranormal investigation show.

Looks like another big TV show came to Maine to explore a haunted location. We just don't know where, yet. The host of Travel Channel's Destination Fear recently shared a photo on his Instagram "geeking out" in front of Stephen King's Bangor home. The show's host Dakota Laden said, "While filming in the Bangor Maine area....We had to stop off at the Stephen King house and take some pictures. I was geeking out SO HARD !!!"

Destination Fear follows Laden, his sister Chelsea Laden, Tanner Wiseman and Alex Schroeder, as they tour the country investigating abandoned haunted locations. The crew announced back in January they were off and running, filming their third season. The first two seasons of the show are now streaming on Discovery +.

This got us thinking, where could they have filmed? Bangor certainly has plenty of spooky haunted history. Maybe they investigated the King of Horror's house? The Thomas Hill Standpipe? Thomas A. Hill House? The Bangor Opera House? Mount Hope Cemetery?

We will just have to wait for season three to see where, and what they found. So far, there's no expected air date for the new season. You can catch the show on Travel Channel, or streaming on Discovery +.

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