America's Got Talent, including John Bapst Memorial High School!

So many fun rites of passage that occur during the school year have changed considerably during the COVID-19 pandemic. Proms, graduation ceremonies, and of course, the annual talent show. This year John Bapst Memorial High School took it virtual.

The 2020 John Bapst Memorial High School Talent Show was put together by faculty member Ms. Bennett, who took on the dauting task of making it a virtual event. John Bapst student, Liam was the host.

There are 16 total performances in all, including dog tricks, dancing, and of course lots of music. Students are singing, playing the cello, ukulele,piano, guitar. Lots of talent at Bapst, so check out the entire show!

  • Summer Richardson, Dog tricks
  • Sean Savoy, Keyboard music, “Camelot”
  • Sophie Kahn, Choreographed dance to “Falling Like The Stars” by James Arthur
  • Rachael Kiah, Vocal of “Rainbow” by Kasey Musgraves
  • Kaydence More, Guitar/vocal cover of “Wonderwall” by Oasis
  • Max Mason, Guitar/vocal of “Hooked on a Feeling” by B.J. Thomas
  • Andrea Maggs, Piano/vocal of “In The Silence” by JP Cooper
  • Mia Khavari, Original arrangement of “La Seine” from “A Monster In Paris” on cello
  • Mackenzie Casburn, Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph” on ukulele
  • Georgina La Grange, Vocal of “Footprints In The Sand” by Leona Lewis
  • Abigail Green, “It’s Never Enough” from “The Greatest Showman”
  • Emma Malia Brown, Original song “Spring”
  • Ana Dunn, Guitar/vocal of “Listen Before I Go” by Billie Eilish
  • Albert Colella, “How Great Thou Art” on piano
  • Colin Aponte, Violin one-musician quartet of Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”
  • Alyssa Boyd and Leah Broks, Vocal duet of “All I Ask” by Adele

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