Help the Crusaders Class of 2023 have a great sendoff, and enjoy some delcious food at the same time!

It won't be long before the final school bell rings and kids shover off into summer, but it also means the end of the road for many students. You can help the upcoming graduating class have a great send of, by helping out local project grad events!

Come support John Bapst Class of 2023 by enjoying your favorite meal at Chick-Fil-A on March 7th from 4-9pm. Chick-Fil-A is located at 605 Stillwater Avenue, right near the Bangor Mall.

For John Bapst Project Graduation to get credit, you must use the mobile order application to place your order. 10% of all online orders will be donated to Project Graduation between 4pm-9pm

There are a variety of other fundraising efforts for John Bapst Project Graduation, including a raffle with items donated by John Bapst families. Lobsters, a Visa gift card, charcuterie board, and a donation of our pal Todd Simcox and his world famous Todd's Salsa!

The Annual John Bapst Memorial High School Project Graduation Seniors vs Staff basketball game will take place on Wednesday, March 22nd, from 5pm-8pm, at the Brewer Community School,at 92 Pendelton Street in Brewer.

Also, the exclusive John Bapst High School Class of 2023 sweatshirt is back to purchase as well!

Foods You See At Every Graduation Party

While there is always room for "favorite foods", new additions, and change-ups, the following food items are a good representative sample of what you can expect at the typical gradation party.

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