Let's Go Crusaders!

After nine years of intense planning, and at a cost of over $3.8 million, the good people at John Bapst Memorial High School finally have their very own athletic facility. The Mary Ellen & Edward Darling Athletic Center is now open and ready for sporting activities.

Mary Ellen and Ed Darling are John Bapst Alumni, and I can speak from personal experience, two very generous, fantastic people, who I am glad to call friends. Also, the John Bapst athletic director and head football coach is Dan O' Connell, who just happens to me my brother-in-law and one of my best buds, so this is a cool story for all involved. It is great to see this all come together after years of hard work from everyone involved!

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Construction work got underway back in 2019, and in November of 2020, students, faculty and staff signed the building’s top beam to add a personal touch to the new facility. Hard to believe, but this is the first new building at the school since 1927.

The facility is located right next to the high school, located on Broadway in Bangor and will be a huge resource to the students, who previously had to practice at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor, now they can simply exit the school, and the new gym is right there.

There are two basketball courts in the gym, plus a weight room, and the building can also be used for recreational sports like volleyball, or badminton.

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