1.  Having Excuses

You will often have to say, "Sorry, I still don't have power so I couldn't ______"  or ".... so I can't _____" as reason for not doing something or being unable to be somewhere- phone died, dirty clothes, etc.  Some people thrive on days like these.

2.  Wearing Hats

The whip is to wrangle the linemen to your road, holla! Credit: Photostock

Haven't had a shower in 48 hours? Time for a hat. You know you have 15 hats in your closet that you've bought but don't wear. Now is your time to showcase your taste in hats, no matter how wild or fancy.

3.  Saving Money

Piggy Bank Savings - Male
Saving money because of inconvenience- thanks, Obama.   Credit: Photostock

The stores are closed and you can't spend your money.  They are secretly doing you a favor by not allowing you to buy that impromptu Nachos Bellegrande.

4.  Spending Money

There's that one Wendy's that's open in Orono, and I ain't making dinner in the dark.  Sorry, I don't have power (see #1).... or a can opener.  This is what's for dinner, kids.

5. Reconnecting with the Family

Family warming feet at a fireplace
This could be you... except those socks would have been worn for 3 days in a row by now.  Credit: Photostock

You don't often have the kids and the significant other in the same room without a device in their hands. You can actually focus your attention on the people that you choose to be around. Do that!

6. Making New Friends

With the warming spots open in the area (see Maine Emergency Management Agency's website for their  list if shelters in your town) you'll be sure to see some faces that you can become better acquaintances with.  We are neighbors after all, right?

7. Getting Around to Cleaning Up a Bit

Take those shoes and that bracelet off, girl!  Ain't nobody looking that pretty without power!  Credit: Photostock

What else are you going to do? Of course you can't scrub or do a true deep clean but when the sun is out or you have enough light from your candles you can get to picking up a bit. Declutter before the unnatural light reveals the mess that surrounds you.

8.  Catching Up on Your Reading List

Joy of Reading
"Wow- I didn't know I was missing out on all of these words!"  Credit: Photostock

We all have this list but don't necessarily get around to actually following through with reading any of the books on your list. What's on your reading list?  Well, get to it then!

9.  Enjoying the Silence

Depeche Mode or enjoy the actual silence- meditate and look inward.  Ommmmm....

10.  Appreciating What You Don't Usually See

I'll end this with a more poignant comment that I've come across during this most recent "no power" adventure. Here is a post on Facebook that I came across by my friend Barbara Marzolf:


You know what- yes, they are Barbara.  Yes they are :)

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