With all of the crap going on with Facebook and how integrated it is with our everyday, I can't help but get nostalgic about the good old days of the internet.

Dial-up, message boards, Myspace.

Yeah, Myspace still has a website but it's not what it used to be.  It's too fancy looking now.  That is part of the nostalgia of Myspace, it's fundamental simplicities.  It was our first social platform in the emerging world of the world wide web and only kids of a certain age group were a part of it.  Remember, no politics?!

Let's reminisce.

Your Top 8

Remember how important it was for you to assess and position your top 8 friends?  That way you could show all your friends where they ranked, for real.  Stop those tears, just being honest.

Music Player

You could also show the world your bitchin' music taste by uploading your favorite songs to your profile to share with your visitors.  I took advantage of this feature and actually posted my songs as an aspiring songstress and performer.  It was so exciting to be able to upload and share my latest creation.

Myspace Tom

Of course, when you first started out with your Myspace profile you could count on at least having one person be your friend on the platform, Tom Anderson, co-founder of Myspace.  His profile picture was the least intimidating profile picture in internet history in an impromptu and authentic turn of the head with a joyous grin.  We miss you, Tom :(

Lo-Fi Profile Pics

Now, let's talk about these profile pictures!  The standard was either a photo from your flip phone or an actual digital camera (ha!) that you would have to manually upload to your computer.  We worked for that!  Here's a couple of my old profile pictures:

This was a halloween show at Ushuaia's in Orono, or whatever incarnation it turned in to.  In case you are wondering- Col. Hunter Gathers.

Credit: Sarah Nickerson
Credit: Sarah Nickerson

Here's another.  I got artsy with this one.

Credit: Sarah Nickerson
Credit: Sarah Nickerson

Anything else that I've forgotten about the old days of Myspace?  It's been a while.  It just seemed a lot less dramatic, more peaceful.

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