Being the Bangor station that provides you with mostly today's hottest music but also provides you with a healthy dose of yester-year's tunes with Back In the Cafe, we are providing you with a little music history of the 1990's, 2000's and this decade.Get to know a little about the artists that have shaped your musical vocabulary by taking in what has led to the music landscape of today.  Behold... Z107.3's This Week In Pop Music History!

April 7 - 13: See how Ed Sheeran, Mary J. Blige, Backstreet Boys, Pearl Jam, and Montell Jordan marked this week in history for pop music from the past 25ish years.

2011 - Ed Sheeran

The singer/songwriter plays four sets at a free show at The Barfly in Camden, London for over a 1000 fans with one last set outside the club on the sidewalk to adoring fans.

2006 - Mary J. Blige

The R&B singer has spent 15 weeks at #1 with her song "Be Without You", breaking Mariah Carey's record of 14 weeks at #1 with the tune "We Belong Together".

1999 - Backstreet Boys

The quintet release their infamous song "I Want It That Way"

1996 - Montell Jordan

The singer starts his seven week reign on the Billboard Hot 100 with the classic '90's tune "This Is How We Do It".

1992 - Pearl Jam

The Seattle grunge are in New York City for Saturday Night Live, where they play two songs and share the stage with actress Sharon Stone.

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