This weekend the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce gave out their annual business awards, which included the first award given of it's kind.

The first ever Arts & Culture award went out to the Z's very own alumni Dan Cashman, now host of 'The Nite Show with Dan Cashman'.

Dan was the promotions director, then program director at Z107.3, winning tons of awards and building a legacy that continues today for radio in Eastern Maine.  Dan moved on to work at the Maine Governor's office, then to start his own communications company.  Now hosts Maine's greatest late night TV show that is available all over the state.

The Nite Show runs a half hour and weekly,across the state where Dan interviews and introduces locally known folk and worldwide talents in Maine’s only local, late-night talk show in the styling of David Letterman or Jimmy Fallon.

Congratulations to Dan and here's to many more opportunities to create art and culture in the Bangor region!

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