Every week the Z will post a question to all you fans about what you think about this or that. It could be a national craze or just a hot topic on the station for the week. You hear our thoughts on the airwaves and we're bringing it to the internet with our 'Tell the Z' weekly poll.

Let your thoughts be known:

In honor of 'National Professional Pet Sitters Week' this week, we want to know if you have you ever pet sit?


Yes.  Dogs are the best!


No but I've had plenty of my own pets.


Yes. I pet sit for neighbors quite a bit. I figure its a good way to help them out, and it prevents the pets from being in a stressful environment, away from their homes.


Yes.  I love dog sitting for my mother-in-law. She has the sweetest pepper in the world, and I love it when we hang out. It's wicked awesome.

Alright, Z Nation, now it's your turn.  Whatchu got to say?

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