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Let your thoughts be known:

November 11th was Veterans Day. 

Is there a Veteran you would like to thank for their service?


Yes. My nephew Ben, and every man and woman who has served our country!


Yes.  I actually come from a family of military people, both who served or worked as civilians for the military.  My dad is a Vietnam Veteran of the Army, my stepdad had a long career at the Air National Guard Base here in Bangor, my biological father was in the Army, my grandfather was in the Navy and my mom worked as a civilian at the Base here in Bangor.  I would like to thank every veteran out there- friends, family and those throughout our community.  You have my eternal respect and gratitude and us civilians are forever in your debt.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. 🙏


Pat Skall, my brother.


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