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Let your thoughts be known:

Halloween is coming up.  Do you plan on dressing up for Halloween?


No.  I remember dressing up as Peter Criss from Kiss and "The Godfather"- those are the ones that stick out. I also went as a Red Sox player a couple times, too


No.  I'd like to but Halloween money will be allocated to building a treasure hunt in the yard.  In the past, I've dressed up as a vampire demon, she-devil... jeez, not a lot there.  But, one of my favorites was a character from the adult cartoon 'The Venture Bros.' where I dressed up as a Colonel Hunter Gathers, in his post-op version where he goes undercover as a woman... with 5 o'clock shadow.


Yes.  If I can remember, after getting 4 kids outfitted, and have time to, I want to go as Flo from the Progressive ads. My kids think she's funny--and I think it would be a fairly easy outfit to put together. How long it would stay white is a completely different story.


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