Every week the Z will post a question to all you fans about what you think about this or that. It could be a national craze or just a hot topic on the station for the week. You hear our thoughts on the airwaves and we're bringing it to the internet with our 'Tell the Z' weekly poll.

Let your thoughts be known:

  Are you pretty much done with buying gifts for the holidays or

have you barely even started?


Barely even started.  I'm usually a last minuter.


Pretty much done!  I did a lot of online shopping for Black Friday to Cyber Monday.  I've wrapped stuff and now I'm waiting for all the bills to roll in to then pay them off like a boss.  This year was a rarity, believe me!


Barely even started.  Don’t do mine until Christmas Eve.


Barely even started. I haven't gotten nearly enough done, but I buy it mostly online anyway. And I definitely don't stress if it doesn't show up by Christmas. Who doesn't love extra presents later?!

Alright, Z Nation, now it's your turn.  Whatchu got to say?

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