The Z Morning Show got to talk with YouTube star Frankie MacDonald to let him know we follow him and to ask him what's on the horizon for him, how he started doing videos and about the book he has coming out on June 15th.

You've heard Frankie featured regularly on the Z Morning Show with the storm updates he publishes on his YouTube channel.  We like to follow him and let people in on his forecasts whenever Maine has a major storm on the way.

He always gives us a detailed report of what's to come and a list of items needed to get through the storm.


We also got to know what his favorite song is:

Frankie is based out of Sydney, Nova Scotia where he follows the weather worldwide and records videos to warn citizens of the forewarned areas of what's forecasted and what to do to prepare.  He's been creating videos since 2007.

You can follow Frankie on YouTube and twitter.

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