Not sure where he got his crystal ball, but Frankie MacDonald has seen the future of winter in Maine

Frankie MacDonald is one of our favorites. He is based out of Sydney, Nova Scotia where he follows the weather worldwide and records videos to warn citizens of the forewarned areas of what's forecasted and what to do to prepare. He's been creating videos since 2007.

Even though we are in the thick of Spring, he has looked deep into the future, to prognosticate on what winter will be like for of us here in the Northeast. Don't take what he says with a grain of salt, because Frankie is a huge hit on social media, with 278,000 YouTube subscribers.

By all means, enjoy the beauty of spring and summer here in the 207, but just remember, sooner or's coming!!!

Since Frankie tends to be very detailed in his forecasts, here is a word for word breakdown of his prediction. Grab a beverage, or snack.

Here is my Winter 2022/2023 Forecast and it will be much Snowier and Stormier Than Normal Winter and there will be a lot of Noreasters Headed for Northeastern United States and it will bring a lot of Snow in Maine new Hampshire Vermont Massachusetts Rhode island Connecticut New York Pennsylvania New Jersey Delaware Maryland DC Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Georgia and Florida and it will bring a lot of Colorado lows in Central United States including Colorado Kansas Oklahoma Texas Nebraska South Dakota North Dakota Minnesota Wisconsin Michigan Illinois Indiana and A lot of Lake effect Snow in Great lakes region including Ontario And A lot of Snow in Nova scotia pei Newfoundland New brunswick Quebec Ontario Manitoba Saskatchewan Alberta and British Columbia and Atmospheric River is going to bring a lot of Rain and Snow in Vancouver British Columbia Seattle Washington Portland Oregon and Pacific Northwest and it will bring a lot of rain for Los Angeles California San Diego California and parts of Mexico and a lot of snow in California mountains and there will be a lot of Windstorms in Europe including United Kingdom Ireland Scotland and Wales with a lot of rain and snow so is France Spain Portugal Italy Germany Denmark Netherlands Norway Finland Sweden Latvia Estonia Poland Bosnia Greece turkey Romania Austria Ukraine and it will be a lot of Snow in Tokyo Japan Kyoto Japan Nagano Japan Sendai and Sapporo Hokkaido Japan and rain and it will be Real Cold in South Korea China Mongolia and drier in Thailand a lot of snow for Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia Israel Egypt Libya Algeria Morooco and cold dry gor India and in Indonesia there will be a lot of rain for Indonesia in Southern Hemisphere Summer and Northern Hemisphere Winter be prepared have your Shovels Snow Scoops Snow Blowers Snow Plows and Salt Trucks Ready Don't let your guard down keep your Guard up because Winter 2022/2023 will be much Stormier than Normal for North America Europe and Asia Be Prepared Take Care and Stay Safe and Be Safe

The Z Morning Show got to talk with Frankie, and let him know we follow him and to ask him what's on the horizon for him, how he started doing videos and about the book he wrote.

You can follow Frankie on his YouTube Channel

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