Here's the latest edition of 'Sarah's Shame Shack', a way for kid and Sarah to really call-out those that need shaming during the coronavirus pandemic.

This latest edition shames earth for healing while humanity suffers and the elusive COVID-19 antibody test. WHERE ARE YOU, antibody test? I need you...

Here's how it went down:


Here's a transcript of Sarah's shaming segment:

Shame! Shame on you earth! All this human isolation has allowed smog reduction in urban areas due to avoiding COVID-19 coronavirus. It is giving us a little glimmer of hope that we could possibly help our environment on this time a time when we are being mandated to stay away from our fellow man. Sure, there's a lot of medical waste building up and environmental standards are being pulled to 'get through' the pandemic or local plastic bag bans are being lifted for single use needs to avoid contamination. But, we can't see that impact of these things like we can see a smogless skyline.
This air pollution does kill and it's reduction may have saved 4,000 lives of children 5 and under and 73,000 adults over 70 in China alone. But, that's not the topic of conversation earth.
Shame on you, earth, for giving us hope on something completely unrelated to the pandemic in a time when humanity is wrought in fear. Focus, Earth! Focus! Shame!
Shame on you COVID-19 antibody test. You are elusive yet you are all I can think about. According to federal data up to 25% of people who contract the virus are asymptomatic, still more may get less severe symptoms and not seek medical attention.
These people would be immune to the virus by this point and a simple antibody test could confirm that and relieve all my worries.
Shame on you, antibody test, for remaining so secretive during a time when you could dissapate the concern of so many people, perhaps even sending people back to work to live a somewhat normal life again and pick our economy back up again by the bootstraps.
Some may not have the antibody, which may lead to continued quarinteening, but I would be grateful to have that knowledge as well, to know how careful to continue to be.
Shame on you, antibody test, for giving me hope on the next steps of the mandated stay-at-home order and remaining an elusive solution to the complete upending of the life of millions. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME. I need you and SHAME!

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