A video has surfaced on YouTube from Fail-ArmyIV:XX that shares some of Maine's very own mythical stories or urban legends.

The first story is about the urban myth of the Sabattus well.  The myth is described has including a group of teenagers who dared a younger friend to be lowered into a well into an abandoned well in Sabattus.  He accepted and, once lowered into the darkness, the boy was brought back to the top of the well appearing as a man only moments later.  The boy also became maddened after being lower into the well and never recovered.

Other stories mentioned in the video include:

  • The Pocomoonshine Lake Monster, an alleged sea monster that is 30 - 60 feet long
  • Haynesville Road hauntings in Aroostook County
  • Colonel Buck's Cursed Tomb in Bucksport
  • The Curse of the Saco River

Have you heard of any of these?

Here's more video about Colonel Buck's tombstone found on YouTube, for your viewing pleasure:

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