Z listeners voted and now we get to reveal who's donuts in the Bangor area are voted the best in Bangor. There was some tough competition among area bakeries and area suppliers but only one can come out on top.

So whose donuts have been selected by you as the best of the best?

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That's right, an old-fashioned, donut staple of the Bangor area for over 70 years.  This bakery has been loved by many since its opening in 1945 and apparently still has the love of Bangor. Maybe it's a part of our DNA by now.

Check out this great article from the BDN a few years back giving us glimpse behind the bakery cases.

You also need to see some of the love shared on our Facebook page from Z followers for their favorite donut places in the Bangor area.

Thank you to all of you passionate pastry lovers who voted on this day that we honor donuts, National Donut Day. Hope you celebrated like I did, with a few good donuts and a date tomorrow morning with a few more. #NationalDonutDay #EveryDayIsDonutDay

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