Get ready for a town takeover, shipmates!

Captain Lash Lannigan and who knows what else will be taking over the town of Winterport with peg legs, eye patches and Jolly Rogers.

This Saturday starting at 10 AM, Pirates will be descending upon the old shanty town in a fun day filled with fulfilling your pirate dreams.

The meet up will be at Crooked Steeple Hall located at 176 Main Street in Winterport.

What to expect of the pirate takeover?

At 10 A.M. there will be cannon fire.

After that unspecified "piratical activities" will follow.

Lastly, for the adult pirates of Winterport and beyond there shall be a Pirates Ball.  It's the kind of ball that is BYOB and also includes potluck feasting.

This takeover will also function as a fundraiser for the following organizations: Maineiacs Charities, Wounded Warrior Project, and Autism Chapter of Maine.

For more information about the event, check out the event or the Pirates of the Penobee Facebook pages.

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