Santa may want to take the Land Rover.

The National Weather Service is now saying that a significant wind and rain storm is possible for both Thursday night and throughout Christmas Day.  The meteorologists there actually have a name for this particular wind and rain storm that happens annually around the first day of winter, as they call it a "Solstice Soaker."

Unfortunately, this year's Solstice Soaker may happen exactly where we don't want it to, on Christmas Day, and the National Weather Service says that this year's has the "potential to bring strong southerly winds, heavy rain, fog, and high seas." No official word yet as to how much rain we may receive and exactly how hard the winds will blow in Bangor and downeast, but they do say that "locally heavy rains and strong to damaging winds probable in the morning. Rain probably changing over to snow in the afternoon and evening."

Now the good news for everyone except Santa and his reindeer is that the high temperatures in both Bangor and Bar Harbor will be hitting 51 degrees on Christmas Day.  This means at least that the trees will not be loaded with snow and ice and that there is a better chance of the power staying on. The record high temperature for Christmas Day in Bangor was 54 degrees, set back in 2014 and 2015.

Either way, we'll do our best to keep you informed as we get closer to Christmas Day.

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