Most people know Tim Sample as the talented humorist who tells stories of Downeast Maine, but few realize that he's also a bit of a gearhead.

Tim Sample loves cars, trucks, motorcycles, and pretty much anything with an engine. I once ran into him at an Eddington convenience store, when my husband stopped to compliment a stranger on his beautiful motorcycle. I immediately recognized Sample, but my New Jersey-born husband had no idea he was talking to a local celebrity. Tim was all smiles as he and Jim chatted about the inner workings and acceleration potential of the bike.

So, to me, it seemed like a natural fit when Michael Stoddard of Efficiency Maine told me that Tim Sample was starring in a series of videos, educating the public about electric vehicles. I can imagine how excited Tim must be to see the new technology, and share his enthusiasm with others.

Go the Distance in an Electric Vehicle from Efficiency Maine on Vimeo.

Efficiency Maine is a quasi-state run agency that works to improve the efficiency of energy use and reduce greenhouse gases in the state. Their website features information on everything from which lightbulbs are the most efficient to why heat pumps are the wave of the future, and everything in between.

The site also has a lot of information about electric vehicles, including this series of videos that they're releasing this month. Each week will feature a different video of Tim Sample talking about EV's. I thought I knew a lot about them, but had no idea that the charging stations we see around town are actually so high-powered that you can fully charge a car in less than an hour. Just knowing that makes me feel better about the idea of taking a road trip in an EV, like the drive we just made from Maine to New Jersey.

You can find more Tim Sample videos on the website for Efficiency Maine.

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