Have you found the one stylist that does your do just right? We want to hear about them! Nominate a Bangor-area stylist for a chance to be named Bangor's favorite!

Maybe your favorite hair stylist is someone you have just gone to forever. Maybe they are someone who knows exactly what you like your hair to look like. Maybe they are just really easy to talk to. Whatever the reason, we want to know about your favorite!

Because the job doesn't get as much credit as it deserves, we want to give our local hair stylists some appreciation here! You can nominate anyone who cuts hair, anyone who you appreciate for fixing the nest on your head.

We will take nominations through March 19, and put it up to a vote the next week and announce our winner on Monday, March 27.

The winner will get a sweet trophy declaring them Bangor's Favorite Hair Stylist of 2017, plus a $100 to spend on whatever.

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