Tomorrow is National Donut Day and we here in the Bangor area have some great donut makers.  The Z wants to know: who's donuts are the best donuts in Bangor?

Local bakeries have used traditional donut ingredients and techniques to create these delectable treats but regional trends have included potato based donuts that are delicious is well.  Also included in local trends are a shift in recipes accommodating those with certain food allergies, such as gluten-free and dairy-free.

Whatever recipe, technique, age of bakery or renown of bakery brand, we want to know who's donuts are the best of the best her in the Bangor area.  Give this great thought, now.  Don't be hasty with your decision because we all know that this leads to a trip to your favorite bakers to grab yo' self a donut- go treat yourself!

Check out the list below and vote.  Then tell us your thoughts on Facebook.  Tomorrow, we'll tell you who won the title of best donuts in Bangor!

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