Who is the hottest pooch on TikTok? This dog who lives in Whitefield!

If there was one positive thing that has come out of this seemingly never-ending pandemic, is the number of people who got very creative on social media to keep us all entertained during some pretty rough times. Or in this case, maybe I should say "ruff" times.

Biscuit The Dog, is an English Bull Terrier rescue dog from Georgia. She and her owner, Dmitry Pepper, started cranking out TikTok content videos, smack dab in the middle of COVID-19, back in January of 2021.

With a whopping 13 million followers, the Mister Mainer page is far and away, the most of anyone in the state of Maine.

The antics of Biscuit and Dmitry, have generated 427 million TikTok likes. That staggering number is due to the fact that her videos include everything from running with a stick to talking and dancing to music.

Also, not to be overlooked, several that include Biscuit, as a nosy, pandemic "Karen."

One of their videos was used by pop singer, Charlie Puth, who used it to promote his song "Light Switch" Puth, seemed to be quite taken with Biscuit and her sweet, hip-shaking dance moves.

The two have also worked with Pet Smart and Animal Planet. Lifehacker singled them out as one of their favorite pet accounts to follow. Pretty Impressive stuff.

You can also follow them on Instagram and YouTube.

Enjoy some of the recent videos posted that feature this superstar pooch from right here in the 207. They are beyond entertaining!

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