It’s almost time for the big fight coming up on Saturday night from Las Vegas between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor.  Unless you’re flying out to Sin City, the best way to catch the fight live is on pay-per-view television, but it’s also a matter of where to go to watch.

There are a few places that will be showing the fight in the greater Bangor area, though for an entrance fee on Saturday night.  The Buffalo Wild Wings in Bangor will be showing the match-up, but will charge $20 for fans that plan to attend.  They also said that they will not be taking reservations and will seat people on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Pep’s Sports Bar in Dexter will also be selling tickets to the fight and will be showing it starting at 8 p.m.  Steve Kelley of Pep’s Bar said that they will offer fans the ability to reserve their spots in advance for $20 and any remaining space will be offered for $25 on the night of the fight.  Kelley also said that the establishment is scheduled to also show UFC PPV events in the future via Joe Hand Promotions.

The reason only a small amount of restaurants will be showing the boxing spectacle on Saturday night due to costs associated with rights to broadcast.  Showtime and Joe Hand Promotions charge restaurants more than the $99.99 for a regular customer with a cable subscription, instead making a business pay a higher rate and then multiplying that cost by the total seating in the establishment to determine the total value.  Seasons Restaurant General Manager John Hafford cited a cost of over $15,000 for the Main Street location to be able to televise the match-up.

Along with Seasons, Hero’s, Sea Dog Brewing Company, Applebee’s, Mason’s, The Boomhouse Restaurant, Dysarts on Broadway, and the Hollywood Casino, all will not be showing the fight after inquiries were made via phone calls on Friday morning.

You can also search other locations that may be showing the fight in a location near you by searching your zip code via this website.

For those who aren’t able to make it to some of the locations showing the McGregor/Mayweather battle can also pony up the $99.99 to watch at home via their cable/satellite provider or by streaming online.

These were all the businesses we could find that would be showing the fight in the greater Bangor area, if you know of others let us know.

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