Since my video partner is on vacation teaching children how to play music, I am bringing you the NewZ this week.  It's not news, however.  It is a sum of all of our filming hours doing WhaZ NewZ that includes just the best highlights of what we've shared with you, Z followers and listeners.

Our mission has always been to bring you the most relevant stories that interest you and to do it while having fun and celebrating our audience by sharing your thoughts, videos or pictures that you shared with us on social media.

Enjoy a lengthy culmination of footage that has taken us 12 weeks to create.  Jason and I have had fun in the process and are always looking forward to what we can share with you next week.

This week we take a look at Jason's knack for creating new words, Sarah's over excitement about everything, our obsession with coffee, weird sounds, great special appearances and the best Facebook Comments of the Week.  We also threw in some short, video nuggets that amused us enough to want to share with you again.

We love it when you want to share stuff with us so head over to our Facebook and send us a picture, comment or video that could be featured in our WhaZ NewZ.

Thanks for watching and we'll have a new episode for you next week!  Stay cool, Bangor!

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