It was an interesting weekend in Patten.

Sometimes you have to show a little tough love, with some public shaming to get people to wake up.

Over the weekend at Shin Pond Village in Patten, there seemed to be an issue with people running up some hefty tabs at the restaurant & pub, and not remembering to pay up. Once, sure, but 4 times?

So, they took to their Facebook page to call out the perpetrators, in a post that got a lot of attention.

  • Mike,
    To hopefully jog your memory further you opened your tab at 4:43 pm and a pepperoni pizza and Buffalo Chicken pizza as well as drinks from the bar totaling $91.57
  • Dave,
    You opened a tab at 5:56 pm with fried green beans and a spinach artichoke dip as well as drinks from the bar total of $118.80
  • John,
    You and your son opened a tab at 12:28 with 2 cheeseburgers and fries for him and a Rueben and fries totaling $41.01 plus likely drinks you didn’t have us add to your tab.
  • Doug at the Bar,
    You opened your tab at 5:41 pm with Mozzarella Sticks and a pepperoni pizza totaling $21.91”

The issue went unresolved for a day, then like magic, all four tabs were paid in full!

As you can imagine, there were LOTS of responses from Facebook users:

Kimberly Archer
If they don't respond, post their photos from the cameras. That might get their attention quickly?

An Le
No tab without starting a card- get all catd info and they sign before the tab starts. it will save you all from this. That's a big loss, and relying on "honesty" - we all know how that goes. Hopefully these men pay their tabs.

Stacy Curry
It’s never ok to not pay your tab, but how does 4 different people walk out without paying on a single weekend. Sounds like someone dropping the ball

Jerrod Crouse
Ok folks enough with the take a card or take an id. This is also a restaurant establishment. Do you give those items up at Applebee’s or Texas Roadhouse when you order? No you eat and drink then pay your bill. Thats a lot different than sitting at the bar drinking it up. If this was a dine and dash then that’s just plain wrong on the people that did it not the establishment.

Dale M. Dumond
When people open up a tab you should take there card and keep it behind the counter

Alan Cyr
Guys, this is not a babysitting service. Pay your tab. As for keeping credit cards behind the counter, really, don’t the bar owners have enough to worry about.

Cheryl Ruksznis
Oh my word.. it’s the person or people that walk away without paying .. it’s their fault! Period!! Not the owner not the waitress .. it’s the people that cheat the system!

Kris Wittine
This could be me. honest mistake, I'm sure they'll see this, give a shout and settle up!

Jessie Stanley
I'm sorry this happened to your business and hopefully moving forward you take the best measures to protect yourselves! I also hope these people do the right thing - looks like their bar tabs helped with the forgetfulness lol!!

Mike, Dave, John & Doug, kudos for coming forward and paying off that tab! Just remember next time...

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