Well....we took a little time off while I (J Stew) was at Maine Academy of Modern Music's Bangor Rock Camp. And Sarah spent a lot of time picking up "free" furniture on the side of the road.


We're back with a new video discussing scammers. There was a new barrage of phone scams going around this week, to the point that the Old Town Police Department issued a warning on their Facebook page. Sarah also was nearly the hapless victim of a vicious email scandal with someone who's profile was eventually deleted, just deepening the mystery of who could've possibly been on the other end.

And all that led to our Facebook Comment of the Week from Yvonne Strout!

Before, all these weeks, you only got bragging rights if you were the awesome individual that received the prestigious award of Facebook Comment of the Week, but now you win an ACTUAL PRIZE!!!!!!!!

Newz Mugz

You get this wicked decent mug!!! The only catch is that winners will have to come pick it up here at the station. So, Yvonne Strout, come get your brand new Whaz Newz Mug!

We'll be back next week with a new question and video yakking about it, so stay tuned.

And despite the intense, awful heat.....Stay cool, Bangor.....



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