We took a little time off from WhaZ NewZ during the holidays while Sarah and I went our separate ways on vacation and such. Sarah did some remodeling, I bought a new house and am in the process of moving.... 2019 is already shaping up to be super busy and kinda crazy.

But we wanted to look back at some of the things that we talked about in the last year on WhaZ NewZ and reminisce a bit. We had a blast making these videos all year, and spent some time laughing even harder, remembering some of the crazy stuff. It was good to sit and reflect and enjoy.

So we thought we'd give you guys the same chance to sit and bask in the glory of 2018's WhaZ NewZ. Here are a bunch of the highlights in no particular order. Please keep in mind..... We are this silly in real life.

Until next week... Stay cool, Bangor.

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