Happy Holidays All!

While J Stew is out on vacation, Sarah is here to keep you entertained but with a super wonderful addition of the Z's afternoon drive lady, Cori!

This week we chat about how we are keeping Christmas real.

What does that mean?  It means sometimes your pretty Christmas is not so picturesque and a little out of reach because of.... kids or pets or other factors that you need to keep into consideration in order for survival through the holidays to happen.

For me, I have to put a gate around my tree to shield it and my one-year-old Jack from the terrors of each other- Jack from the bulbs and seemingly tastey looking ceramic ornaments and the tree from my handsy, brut of a child.

Cori added her "keeping it real" holiday item with the pictures of the kiddos with Santa.  Her comment of them looking like they are having mug shots really rings true for a lot of parents out there, including me.

Our listener, Jamie Baker, posted a photo of her kiddo on Facebook not enjoy the Santa man... and we all can relate!

Jamie Baker via Facebook
Jamie Baker via Facebook

Our Facebook Comment of the Week, however, went to Ariel Ireland, who is keeping it real with this festive yet practical Christmas tree protection solution.

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 11.01.31 AM

Check out the full episode below and subscribe to our YouTube page!  Happy holidays!

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