Hello there! J. Stew checking in.....Sarah dared to take today off. First off, happy long weekend to a good chunk of you! And of course a big, heartfelt thanks to all the past and present service members being honored on this Memorial Day weekend. Thanks to you folks most of all!

This week, we've got a strange bunch of things lined up for you to check out. First, we hear about Priscilla the Feral Goat. Some question just how feral, because she seems to have a collar, but the town received enough calls that they felt they had to let folks know that Priscilla is okay, and that she's supposed to be hanging out by the side of the road watching cars go by.

Then, we get to talk about one of Bangor's most abused, or rather, misused stop signs. At the spot where Hammond Street, Cedar Street, and 6th Street meet, there is a stop sign that everyone blows through and rolls up to Hammond. There have definitely been accidents, and I even saw someone get pulled over there once. So proceed with caution my friends.

And lastly, I had to finally wad into the debate about the correct temperature for steaks to be cooked at. Now yes, I'm a rare steak kind of guy, but truthfully, certain cuts should be handled differently than others. And I give a super lengthy rundown of where a good jumping off point is. But who cares? If you like it well done, you're not gonna listen to me anyway. Ha!

And as usual, we have way too much fun doing silly things that hopefully make your day a bit less tragic. Besides, you can always point at the screen and laugh. I know we do.

But for now, enjoy the weekend, and especially enjoy having Monday off too. We'll be back soon enough, causing trouble and making excuses.

Stay cool Bangor.


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