A pandemic may have thwarted many plans for the State of Maine to celebrate it's 200th birthday but just because we couldn't go through with celebrations last year doesn't mean we can't try to honor this milestone.

Many things about the bicentennial plans were pushed to this year because we could not celebrate a lot of these things together but now celebrations are happening including the bicentennial parade planned for this August in Auburn, tall ships to travel up the Penobscot in July, and planning what will go in the Maine Bicentennial's Time Capsule.

The time capsule has been an integral piece of the celebrations and was unveiled on March 15th, Statehood Day, earlier this year at the University of Maine in Orono.

And now, the Maine 200 Bicentennial group is looking for items to put into the time capsule.

Right now on the Maine200.org Bicentennial website, Maine citizens can nominate what should be placed into the time capsule. You're suggestions are being taken to nominate one item that may no longer be around when the capsule becomes reopened in 2120, in time for Maine's 300th birthday.

Here's the criteria for items to nominate:

  • Item cannot be larger than a paperback novel
  • Item have to be 'ready and available at no cost to the commission'
  • Item cannot contain liquids, flammable or caustic materials, or perishable items

Fill out the form on their website to suggest an item you think won't be around in 2120 that you think should be included in the capsule.

The time capsule was created using many elements and talented people throughout the State of Maine. It has a granite base, a Dirigo banner, and a Maine Heritage Timber specially-made cabinet. The 'Dirigo Star' is the actual capsule piece that will hold the items collected and selected to represent or past, present and future for the State of Maine.

At the end of this year, the time capsule will be sealed and installed at the Maine State Library to opened in 2120.

So, what do you think should go into the capsule?

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